Acne and the immediate causes

In my research to find the best acne products , I stumbled across an incredible system by Mike Walden called Acne No More. In this book I learned many different things that has  helped countless people become acne free. Mike Walden taught me many things that I was not aware of. The first thing I learned was that to really get rid of acne for life, it is best to really know what acne really is and what causes acne. So let me tell you what I learned.

Acne is an inflammatory skin disease. Inflammation is a response that is influenced by many on the surface factors.

Two main factors are;

1) Over production of sebum (oil)
2) Over production of Keratin by the sebaceous glands

Let me explain what usually happens and how acne forms. The hair follicle becomes clogged by the over production of oil and in return leads to bacterial growth. This bacteria multiplies and causes the inflammation which is acne, whiteheads and black heads. Infection can also occur when the skins natural exfoliation process slows down and your skin pores get blocked. When toxins find their way to the blocked skin surface, it can also lead to acne.
You have to be careful what acne products you use because some may be too harsh. When an acne product is too harsh this destroys the acidic layer of the skin and makes the skin more prone to infection. I will definitely be sharing with you what acne products are safe for the natural PH levels of the skin, later on. Let me just summarize some more of the main external causes of acne.

The 4 major external causes are;

1)Blocked pores
This happens when the epithelial cells that are lining the pores mature and die. The cells become flatter and tougher. When this happens the scaly rough cell blocks the pores.

2)Bacterial colonization
Extra amounts of sebum (oil), certain toxins in the blood and clogged pores make the perfect environment for acne bacteria to multiply.

3)Excessive sebum (oil)
This happens from certain hormones that trigger the oil glands to over produce.

4)Infection & inflammation of the comedo (blackhead) and surrounding tissue.
Some substances in the cell walls, stimulate the immune system to produce pro-inflammatory hormones.

To learn more about acne and find out how you too can get rid of acne, I encourage you to view the Acne No More System by Mike Walden. In my opinion it has been one of the best acne products that I have found in my 20 years of battling with acne.

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  1. I am very interested in trying this product as it is coming from an actual source. I have tried many products over the years and haven't found the right one yet. Thank you for all the information provided as it actually explains the causes and what you can do to find a solution.
    Thank you again this has been very helpful.
    Calgary, Alberta