Hormonal Acne

In my research to find the best acne products available I learned a  couple things about hormonal acne.
Experts know that acne is influenced by hormones. Acne is a manifestation of something going on in the body.  Some women may not experience acne until they have a child.  Some people have severe acne during the teenage years (puberty) and others only experience breakouts a couple times a month. Let me explain what happens to the body during different stages of life.

Puberty- during the age of nine and twelve (pre-adolescents) the adrenal glands start working over time and producing an androgen ( type of hormone) called dihydroepiandrosterone sulfate.  
Testosterone "the male hormone" and dehydrotestosterone also start producing.  All these hormones working together cause the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum (oil).
Since the young boys have more of the male hormone acne tends to be more severe for them.
Dermatologist may prescribe topical solutions such as benzoyl peroxyde, topical retinoids and even antibiotics however these solutions can only be temporary because of the hormonal changes that still occur in the teenage body.   

Menstrual Cycle-Many women experience acne breakouts a week or two before their period.  Estrogen peaks during mid-cycle and then will decline when the women comes near time for her period to start.  The sebaceous glands are stimulated  while the ovaries are producing progesterone after the ovulation period.  The extra oil causes new acne breakouts.

Pregnancy- During the third trimester, the sebaceous glands produce crazy amounts of oil and causes very oily skin and acne breakouts in pregnant women. Sometimes the family doctor will prescribe a safe topical solution that can be used during pregnancy.  Acne will more then likely diminish later in the pregnancy.

There are many things that can be done to balance your hormones and become acne free at any age.  With knowledge and determination, acne can be a thing of the past. 

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  1. Thank you so much for the information. I never knew that hormones can cause acne. I will check out the acne no more system. i'm excited to get rid of my acne. Thanks.