Make up for acne prone skin

Years of suffering with acne breakouts and using countless  concealers I finally found a product that I love.  In my opinion Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals is the best acne concealer that I've used.   
Bare Minerals is composed of:
100% minerals with no additives and zero irritants.  
It is so natural you could sleep in it!  Believe me I have slept with it on and the next day my skin felt great.  It is best to wash your face before going to sleep, but for whatever reason you don't get your face washed then bare minerals will not cause your skin to break out. In fact this product is so pure that it has improved the overall condition of my skin.
It is great for dry to oily skin.  It goes on like powder, but ends up creamy.  I never found it to be cakey, heavy or show my wrinkles.  It covers up everything!  It worked wonders on my post acne scars and existing blemishes.  I have also heard of people who had huge birth marks on their face and it covered that up without giving them that mask like look. 

When I first ordered Bare Minerals I received the starter package.  
  • I received two different concealers (light and extra light), 
  • Bisque (which covers everything), 
  • Warmth (bronzing powder), 
  • Mineral Veal (gives the flawless look and covers pores), 
  • Primer, 
  • Skin Rev-er Upper cream, 
  • four brushes and a how to DVD.  
I could customize my order to get new concealers every so many months depending on how often I use it.  I ordered the Bare Minerals starter kit 6 months ago and I just ran out of the concealer.  I still have a lot of bronzer and mineral veal left.  I could not believe how long it lasted.  You can also customize your order to your skin color.  They have concealer for every tone of skin.  I am so happy with Bare Minerals that I had to share it with everyone.
If you have not yet found make up that worked great for your skin and does not cover up your acne blemishes as well as you'd like I urge you to try Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals.  I have tried mineral make up before from my local drugstore, but they did not work as well as this revolutionary beauty product. If you are ready to join thousands of satisfied customers,  get your starter packages today.  You will not be disappointed. Make sure that you pick the color for your skin type and enjoy!

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