Acne Cure FAQ

Finding out ways to cure or to treat acne is one of the foremost concerns of people who suffer from acne. Here are some Acne Cure Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) that you might be interested in:

Will it worsen if I pick or pop my pimples?

Yes, picking, pricking, popping or squeezing an acne will worsen the condition because it will only push the infection deeper and will cause more inflammation. Doing this also will cause scars once the acne is cured.

What is the best acne treatment?

Acne must be treated according to the type and severity of the acne and the type of skin that you have. There is no one best treatment that works for everyone and a treatment which worked one time may not work the next time around.

To get the best treatment, really understanding your particular acne problem and your skin type will help you determine the best course of action to take.

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Is sunlight or ultra violet light a cure for acne?

There are some who have found sunlight or ultraviolet light as a cure for their acne but then it is not recommended. Over exposure to ultraviolet light increases the risk of skin cancer and promotes skin aging.

Are herbal remedies effective in curing acne?

There are herbal remedies which really work and are effective in curing acne. However, it is still important that before using these herbal remedies you should test it on a small portion of your skin.

Some people may be allergic to some plants or fruits that are used in herbal remedies and doing a test will help you determine the right herbal cure to use.

What can I use to alleviate scarring due to acne?

Exfoliating scrubs or chemical peels can help alleviate scarring due to acne but the best is to prevent scarring by getting rid of the acne. Another is to make sure that when treating acne you do not pick or squeeze it so that it will not scar.

How can I treat a single pimple that has grown quite big and has pus and very much inflamed?

Do not touch it! It is a cystic acne and the best way for you to have it treated is to bring your problem to a dermatologist who can assess the acne properly and give you the best solution. Do not try to treat it yourself because it might get worse and the infection might spread to other parts of your face.

Some of my acne would dry up and create reddish scabs, can I scrub these off?

No, you should not scrub these scabs off whether with your fingernails or with a face towel. When you wash your face these scabs will come off when it is ready to come off. If you scrub it off before it’s ready, the more it will leave scars.

There are different types of acne cures and treatments depending on the type of and severity of your acne. Topical solutions are available over-the-counter but there are medications that should be prescribed. There are also systemic and procedural solutions which have to be recommended by a dermatologist or a skin care specialist.

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